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Igbos Can Defend Themselves – Ezeife

Former Anambra Governor, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife has dropped a bombshell.

He said: “Attacks on Igbo people in Lagos during the just-concluded 2023 general election were deliberate plots by some enemies of Nigeria. I fear that we are getting to the end of Nigeria. Some people don’t want Nigeria to continue.”

“The two groups, who, if they agree to work together, can stabilise Nigeria, are being set against each other. Nobody can dominate Nigeria if Yoruba and Igbo agree to work together. This is a deliberate plan to end Nigeria. But Nigeria will not end because God created this country with great favour.”

“Look at everything about Nigeria. Is it the endowments? We are so gifted by God. And I don’t know any country so blessed. We go through all kinds of problems and survive. We had the civil war and all kinds of problems.”

“I think the plan to cause fracas between the Igbo and Yoruba would fail the way others failed in the past. I have always challenged Yoruba people to tell me one person who worked so hard for the late Chief MKO Abiola (winner of June 12, 1993, presidential poll and a Yoruba man) before his election and after the annulment of the election than me.”

“In the East, everywhere Abiola visited, he went with my pilot car. I was the governor of Anambra State at the time. We worked day and night to ensure he won. When the election was annulled, I was at the forefront of the campaign for its de-annulment. We were the founders of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO).”

“What frightens me is that if this thing goes further, the Igbo would show who they are and it won’t be good for the country.”

“Nobody can be more violent than the Igbo who is determined to defend themselves in the face of aggression. We are gifted in many ways by God.”

“We should be thanking God that we are not spilling blood. I think there should be a way out of what is happening. Igbo and Yoruba elders should meet and find a way to ensure this does not happen again.”

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