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Igbo People Are Senseless – Susan Coker

Suzan Ade Coker, Founder of a Facebook group, Rant HQ has lambasted Igbo people.

She wrote; “Dear members of RantHQ who are Igbos but senseless, kindly exit the group and stop your noise making. I am sick and tired of your endless shinning like a child left in a messy diaper overnight! You are irrelevant in the scheme of things.”

“This place is multicultural, multifaith platform. If you cannot stand the heat, kindly piss off. You cannot stop me talking about or reporting about any particular tribe. Go away and nurse your wounds. Allow the sensible Igbos remain in RantHQ in peace.”

“I will speak as I deem fit about any tribe, race or religion. Get ovr yourselves, you are merely a tiny proportion of RantHQ but certainly the loudest with the highest exhibition of stupidty.”

“Surely you must feel stupid though. You claim you don’t like a place yet you took permanent residency there. Stay here and be quiet or get the fuck off RantHQ. This is not the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Goodnight… that’s if you can manage it.”

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