I Will Use My Last Blood To Fight Corruption – Hon. Dina Melaye

Dino MelayeFormer House of Representatives member representing Kabba Ijumu/Bunu Federal Constituency in Kogi State and partner of anti-corruption network, Dina Melaye has sworn that he will use his last blood to fight corruption in this country. Speaking at a forum in Lagos; this Okun born politician, now activist also remarked that some political office holders must be disgraced and after doing that, he would be satisfied as a patriotic Nigerian.

Your network, the anti-corruption network is gradually receiving national attention. What is the motive behind the network?

Yes, thank you! according to the name of the network, the anti-corruption network, we are saddled with the responsibility of reducing corruption in governance because the main problem of governance in Nigeria is corruption. When we wanted to start this movement, we were quite sure that the task we were about taking is taxing, so we all know this from the beginning, we are fully determined to pursue this challenge to a logical conclusion though we might not get 100% success but at least, corruption will be reduced to the lowest minimum. We are out to discourage corruption in the corridors of power.

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Which form of corruption are you talking about because you are formerly in power too but then nobody came out to fight you for any corruption?

Yes, I got that message, being in government afforded me the opportunity to see where corruption is coming out from. Yes, I was a former House of Representatives member; I saw lots of decay then in governance but you know I cannot do anything at that time, I felt the right time is after my tenure which we began, my position then gave me that insight to all this form of corruption.

There is this belief that because your party did not give you a return ticket;  that is why you are doing all these?

Well, everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, there is nothing like that even when I was in office. My vision after discovering this decay in governance is to fight corruption with whatever I have, I know those people who believe that only opportunists should be in power; so they must make good use of this to take what belongs to millions of Nigerians. That is why I said recently that I will use my last drop of blood to fight corruption in this country.

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The Stella Oduah case is one of the many if found guilty?

Cuts in: What do you mean by saying if found guilty? Millions of Nigerians cannot afford to eat three square meals per day; not even two square meals and you are saying if found guilty. ASUU has been on strike for close to four months now, you are saying if found guilty? Lots of parents cannot guarantee their children school fees, you are saying if found guilty? That money if it’s added to ASUU request; would they not call off the strike? If that amount is pumped into education, wouldn’t parents be relieved? Lots of people cannot afford N20, only in this same country  where some people will be wasting funds on luxuries. Some people have not eaten, were they not ordinary people before they were appointed, so  I am telling you that case must get to a logical conclusion otherwise we will not relent on this agitation. She must be sacked and jailed for that act and anybody that is involved in that theft because I can call it a theft, you are using the general public money to satisfy your selfish interest.

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There is this allegation that the opposition party is sponsoring you to continue to raise confusion, is this true?              

What sort of rubbish talk is that?  Somebody is stealing public funds to procure a car worth N225million when some people cannot afford N50 in the same country, is it fair? They are talking about sponsoring, even if they sponsored me; is it not justice whereas nothing like that is happening; they cannot stop me or deter my movement.