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How Tekno Lost His Voice – Manager

That young and talented singer, Tekno, (Augustine Miles Kelechi) is suffering from a vocal cord damage that will have him away from music scene for some time is an established fact.

But be that as it may, the singer’s road manager, John has come out to explain the cause of Tekno’s problem and why other Nigerian A-list musicians are not suffering his fate…

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“It can happen; Wizkid, Davido and others are always on the move for shows around the world too but they have never recorded such because they don’t do live band like Tekno.”

“Tekno performs with a live band in all his international shows and even some in Nigeria. Davido doesn’t even have good vocal box and that’s why his voice sounds that way. Wizkid too can’t do high tempo music; it’s always mid tempo songs.”

“Tiwa started professionally with good vocal coaches and all that, I’m sure that helps her a lot. The same thing that happened to Tekno happens to international musicians too; they just have to treat it and rest the voice for some time to heal up.”