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Halima Fernandez Weeps

Halima Fernandez & Late HusbandThe wife of late Ambassador Anthonio Oladeinde Fernandez, Baroness Halima Fernandez wept recently when she arrived in Kano from abroad. She poured out her sorrow in this way: “Good afternoon Kano. The sun feels incredible. Never knew Kano heat like this. Kowa yabar gida, gida yabar sa. Alhamdulilahi. After five years, I’m home. It is more bitter than sweet though. I left a married woman and now I’m back a widow. Allah kayuma Garsan Fulani Rahama. ka gafarta masa.”

For those spreading rumours that Halima was never married to her late husband she has words for them…“Our marriage is a part of me that I cherish. That we were married shouldn’t be in contention because it was a popular marriage in Kano with documentation, and important dignitaries were present.”

It is interesting to know that Baroness Halima is from Maude family in Kano. She met her late husband through the late Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero and the late Emir turbaned Fernandez as the Garsan Fulani Kano, a title that translates as the Champion of the right of the Fulani people of Kano.

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