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Gov. Dickson Is A Disappointment – Alameisegha

Former Governor of Bayelsa State, late Chief Diepreye Alameisegha’s family has disclosed why they dumped Governor Seriake Dickson.

Late Chief Diepreye Alameisegha

Director-General, Alamcoism Movement, Ziriworiten Alameisegha, said;

“Governor Dickson insulted late Alameisegha and disrespected Ijaw elders in most of his dealings and utterances.”

“The governor abandoned the template of development and empowerment laid down by the late Alameisegha.”

“The PDP government disappointed Alameisegha’s family. The Alamcoism endorsed Seriake Dickson but at the end of the day what did he do? He disappointed the family, insulted Alamcoism. So, we decided that since he failed to respect elders, we should teach him a lesson.”

Also, Ebilade, second son of the late Alameisegha, said;

“I commend the people for rejecting all the offers made to them by the PDP and opted to vote Lyon as the right candidate.”

“I told the PDP that their money can’t counter the Alamcoism. We are around the eight local government areas and they saw the result in the eight local government areas. We won six local government areas but in Sagbama, Dickson’s local government area, there was no election.”

“In my mother’s village at Ogoibiri, there was no material. It was hijacked by the Sagbama PDP Government. So, Douye Diri only won one local government area and even in that council, we divided the votes.”

“People should know that Bayelsans are behind David Lyon and even the court will do nothing when everybody is on the same page. The court is not bigger than Bayelsa State. The whole state has decided and has chosen a candidate.”

“We want to advise all the PDP people to reserve that money that they want to use for case and come and build one industry to employ more citizens because we need more development in this state. They should forget about that court.”

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