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Gov. Akeredolu Fights Commissioner

It has become imperative to call the attention of the good people of Ondo State and particularly Owo indigenes to the ceaseless persecution and witch-hunting of Hon. Femi Adekanmbi by Governor Akeredolu since he assumed office in February 2017.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and Hon. Femi Adekanmbi

Hon. Femi Adekanmbi is the immediate past Ondo State Commissioner for Special Duties, Culture and Tourism during the administration of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko. And he was in office for less than two years. Upon the completion of his state assigned duty as a Commissioner, Adekanmbi has since given up politics and returned to his business in Abuja.

What can be described as the offence of Femi Adekanmbi may not be known, but his harassments evidently began when he started the water fountain project at Oke Mapo Hall round about. Coincidentally, a secret meeting was held at about this same time to strategize on how Aketi would win Owo and its environs in the forthcoming elections. It was right at this meeting that a decision was taken that Hon. Femi must be caged, harassed, embarrassed and get his name soiled to achieve the desired unhindered electoral victory.

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As if this was not enough, all the workers working on the second water fountain project site of Adekanmbi that is located at Mobil roundabout, Ijebu Owo were arrested without any justifiable reason. It must be pointed out that all necessary approval for this project were already gotten from the appropriate authority by Hon. Adekanmbi.

This gentleman has barely recovered from these series of successive harassments and glaring witch- hunt that Governor Akeredolu is again believed to have instructed the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice and the State Head of Service to forward a joint petition to EFCC for the probe of Hon. Adekanmbi while he served as Special Duty Commissioner.

It is without a doubt that the reason for the constant harassments of Femi Adekanmbi must have also been the same reason for the intended resolve of Governor Akeredolu to drag him before the EFCC. This situation brings to mind an adage which says that a clear conscience should not fear any accusation.

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However, it is rather quite puzzling that Governor Akeredolu has singled out Hon. Adekanmbi out of the lots that served in the government of Dr. Mimiko for probe despite his open declaration not to probe the immediate past administration. Again, the intended probe is another manifestation of the unfair persecution and witch-hunting of Adekanmbi.

As things stand now, a draft copy of the letter to EFCC is ready and only awaiting cabinet approval on Tuesday. This implies that the fang of EFCC is expected to get unleashed on Hon. Adekanmbi once cabinet approval is given to the petition on Tuesday during the Cabinet meeting.

It is so saddening that Governor Akeredolu has chosen to willfully and unfairly witch-hunt his fellow Owo brother who was the Head of his 2012 Campaign Security Committee; an assignment that almost led to the death of Femi Adekanmbi. One may be tempted to believe that the water fountain projects embarked upon by Hon. Adekanmbi with the innocent aim of giving back to Owo community could have been responsible for his being hounded.

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It is only reasonable, fair and just for Governor Akeredolu to begin his intended probe with Dr. Olusegun Mimiko and his Commissioners that headed key ministries before it will trickle down to Adekanmbi, if at all Governor Akeredolu has recanted on his avowed stand not to probe the immediate past administration.

Meanwhile, Governor Akeredolu needs to know that any man that offers to sell his siblings for cheap, may not be able to repurchase with a premium offer. Therefore, all the stakeholders in Owo community, particularly the Kabiyesi, chiefs, religious and opinion leaders are enjoined to prevail on Governor Akeredolu to please be a father for all and also overlook whatever may have been the wrongdoing of Femi Adekanmbi.

– Opeyemi Arotiba, Owo

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