Gordons Reveals Shocking Secret

GordonsWhenever this joke; ‘moving the ministry to the permanent site’ is shared, ace comedian Gordons readily comes to mind. Born as Godwin Komone, Gordons is one comic who has contributed significantly to the comedy industry in Nigeria. He recently shared his inspiring journey to success with ORUKPE NELSON.

You have a standing joke that talks about ‘moving the ministry to the permanent site’. Has your own ministry moved forward?

Yes of course my ministry will continue to move forward. If your ministry does not move forward, you need to come to us for prayers. If the cash is not coming in why should we be working? I like that phrase a lot because it signals progress, a movement from one stage of life to the other. It is prophetically moving from where you are to where you ought to be.

You are one of the comedians doing well in this country, how has it been so far?

It has been by the grace of God no man can do the things I have been able to do unless the Lord is with him. Comedy is not just about cracking jokes, but through the years we have been able to remain afloat by the power of God.

What motivated you to start comedy?

It is one of my natural gifts. So the motivation has to be purpose and destiny. This is because some of us didn’t even know that we were going to end up as a comedian. We went to school and did all that was necessary for us to do but at the end of the day, we discovered that God was calling us. It’s like saying comedy chose me. This is because we didn’t just know how we got here. It is like the law of serendipity; you want something but God has something better.

Can you share your growing up experience?

Do I even have growing up experience? Look, my parents are still alive but I grew up as an orphan.

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Are you sure your parents will be happy to hear you say this?

I will be the one to tell them. This is because it is the truth. I was never raised by either of them. They separated when I was barely three months old. So it was my grandmother of blessed memory that took care of me. I grew up learning everything all by myself through the will of God. So for me, growing up was horrible. I didn’t know what love is.

Tell us about your educational background

I went through all educational sectors from primary to the University. I went to the Delta State University.

Are you married?

If I never marry by this time, won’t you start praying for me? Do you know how old I am? Why should I not be married by now? I have been married for thirteen years and I have four kids to prove that. I got married in 2002. My family is not in the public eye because I have to separate them from my job.

You are spotting two earrings, is that your fashion signature?

Oh yes! It’s not just a signature or style, but something to spice up the image a little bit. My church members don’t like it but duh! They are not paying my bills. I am the one paying my own bills.

How do you handle controversies?

Well I pray. You can’t stop controversies from coming but you can only pray. This is because even when you do well people will still talk.

You are known to say some nasty things to people on stage. Don’t they fight you afterwards?

I fight them too. This is because it is my job. There is nobody I don’t say anything about. If people like Basket Mouth and I Go Die will fight me because I made expensive jokes about them, then they don’t know their jobs. This is because we are all in the ministry together. I have spoken about presidents, ministers, governors and any other person in power you can think of. It is my job and I have to do it well. I don’t do it with any fear or favour. You may not like what I say but as you grow in it, you will begin to see truth in what I’m saying. So I am not afraid to say what is on my mind.

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But when comedy gets nasty, doesn’t it lose its value which is to make people laugh?

It depends on what you call nasty. If you go crack a dirty joke in church, that is not comedy anymore and if you go crack church joke in a club, then it is no longer comedy. So you must understand that as a comedian you are like a soldier. There are different weapons for different warfare. So you must know the weapon to use at a particular time.

When you are on stage, what inspires you to bring out funny jokes that keep the audience laughing?

It is generally the people. Let them just say something to me, I will always have something funny to say back, that is how it works and that is what makes me a comedian.

What is your advice to younger comedians coming into the industry?

You will never be anything unless you know God and have Him on your side. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. So if you want to be a good comedian, fashion designer or in every area you find yourself, if you forget the God factor, then you are doomed.

What drives you?

Natural things drive me. My comedy these days is more like social commenting and not just cracking up a joke. I pick up issues and talk about them, make it funny as possible as I can.

Describe your fashion style?

I like to look simple and classy, not too flamboyant.

Who is your favourite designer?

I have favourite designers. For suit, I never wear a suit if it is not a Giorgio Armani. This is because he pays attention to details. He is very detailed about your cut and looks. Whether you are fat or slim, there is always one that suits you. When it comes to corporate shirt, I do more of Von Hussein and for casual shirt, Angelo Galasso.

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What has comedy done for you as person?

It has done a lot. If it wasn’t for comedy, I will not be counting what I am counting, driving what I am driving and pulling what I am pulling and taking to the bank what I am taking to the bank. If not for comedy, I would not have gone round the world. I would never have met presidents and people that are important in the society. Comedy has done more than I could ever imagine. What comedy has not done for me yet is the fact that I have not become a global icon. That is the only thing I am waiting for and working towards it.

What are your plans for the next five years?

I will like to build a comedy academy. I want to be able to raise the next generation of comedians. I want to get them inspired to take over from us when we finally retire.

Have any of your children taken up your talent of making people to laugh?

I hope they don’t because it is not a funny job


Well, as their father, sometimes I am not at home to enjoy my children because I want them to have a Good life. But even as I want them to have a good life, I also want them to have the love that I was deprived of. Unfortunately, I find myself in a profession where I cannot give them the two at a time. I do hope that God will look for another profession for them so that they can become stars individually.

What is your favourite wristwatch?

I love Hugo wristwatches.