Gifting With Convenience This Christmas Season

December is here and a good number of people love the last month of the year regardless of their religious beliefs. This is because there will be quite a handful of holidays, a lot of giving, gifting and sharing not only by individuals but also by corporate organisations and the ambience will be celebratory.

Interestingly, gifting has become a trend for the yuletide to show appreciation to clients, loyal customers as well as groom or nurture relationships for the upcoming year. And corporate organisations and individuals are constantly searching for affordable and convenient ways to gift without breaking the bank. eCommerce is the solution.

Convenient Christmas Gifting
eCommerce has already disrupted the way Nigerians make their purchases. Across the country, you will find not only millennials but also digital immigrants ordering items on Jumia, Nigeria’s no 1 shopping destination.

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Corporate gifting is not an exception here as organisations can outsource their gifting plans to an eCommerce company like Jumia. Jumia, in turn, takes the responsibility of delivering the best gifts notwithstanding if it is modern or traditional, at the most affordable price. Beyond this, Jumia assists you with the choice of product, discount requests, ensure availability and delivery. This will enable organisations to focus on offering sterling services to client and customers during the whole yuletide.

Alternatively, organisations can sign up to Jumia Corporate in which they will get the highest level of support/dedicated account manager, fast shipping nationwide, electronic invoicing, exclusive offers (employee incentive solutions, rewards solutions), effective return policy, access to express delivery options and largest assortment of products in Nigeria with over 2,000,000 products.

Gifts for Christmas

Christmas gifts can either be traditional or modern depending on who you are giving. However, in Nigeria, the most shared Christmas gifts include rice, oil, hampers and promotional/customised gifts which you can buy on Jumia. Whatever the gifts you are giving, the most important things is for you to personalise it.

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Tips For Giving The Best Christmas Gifts
Choosing effective and impactful corporate gifts for your clients and customers is not as difficult as many believe. Just follow these few tips and get the best gifts.

  1. Don’t buy gifts that will end up in the trash: most companies have the basics handled. The world has gone digital, and your clients don’t need a calendar to put on the wall near their desk. Unless they are a car enthusiast and you gave them images of their favourite automobiles, it’s not likely that they’ll hang your company calendar next to their desktop.
  2. Personalise it: you should try to include your business name on your corporate gift. There are no problems with a branded gift so long as it is tactful and provides value at home or in the office.
  3. Do think of something your client will appreciate: be thoughtful. Developing a rapport with your clients is important throughout the year. Use the holidays as an opportunity to let them know you were listening.
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– Ogunfowoke, Adeniyi Ayuba| PR Associate | Jumia Travel & Food