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Foluke Daramola’s Husband Fights Femi Adepoju

Star actress, Foluke Daramola’s husband, Kayode Salako has declared war on journalist, Femi Adepoju.

He said; “This is the face of the irresponsible; mentally crude; professionally bankrupt alleged media person behind the release of my rumored crashed marriage to my wife, Foluke Daramola Salako from his blog on Monday, January 27, 2020.”

“The personal findings I made immediately I started receiving calls from different media sources about the breaking news shows the primary source of the devilish story is from the blog and media source of one Mr. Femi Adepoju.”

“He is Femi Adepoju and as I heard, he was the Chief Press Secretary to the former governor of Ondo State, Segun Mimiko.”

“It is obvious he lost the government job. There is nothing serious he can do or knows how to do with his life again than to be the working and writing rubbish to announce the breaking of people’s homes and marriages, even when he was not authorized to do so.”

“Even if your media source heard anything like that, a professional journalist or media practitioner would make effort to reach out to the people the news is all about for proper confirmation and the balancing of the contents of your story before releasing it to the public.”

“You probably heard it through your beer parlour hangouts or motel sources and like a child and a ‘mad’ man, went ahead to publish the rubbish you released through your illegal and unsanctified social media platform.”

“Mr. Femi Adepoju is obviously one of those mentally lazy and attitudinally irresponsible idiots in the media industry, who parade themselves as professional media people, whereas there is nothing professional about how they go about using their cursed media activities to wreck people’s happiness and end up killing many psychologically.”

“Obviously his intention is to kill Foluke Daramola Salako emotionally and psychologically!”

“How can you as a professional media practitioner, hear news about the home of two public figures inside your beer parlour or gossip enclave, and through your malicious inclination and mischievous intent, just decided to hurriedly went ahead to make it a subject of public publication without doing anything honourable to confirm, if there is fact in what you heard or make any effort to call the two people involved in order to balance your story, even if you must release it.”

“That is how some of you do some stupid things, which has sent some of you to prison and has run you into trouble with some powerful Nigerians.”

“Ogbeni Femi Adepoju, it is your blog which released this fake and irresponsible news about my rumored crashed marriage with Foluke and I bet you, our lawyers would meet in court to argue it out with the evidence you had before going to the social media to do the damage you have done to the image of my marriage; my wife and that of my business enterprise, Bosworth College International.”

“My wife is now psychologically down and I have no doubt in my consciousness that her spirit is not praying for you right now.”

“Bro! You have done a wishy, washy job! It is evil and definitely you can no longer be regarded as a honourable man in the face of the public jury on this issue.”

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