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Fayemi Opens Up On Amotekun

Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State has opened up on the controversial ‘Amotekun‘ security outfit.

He said; “The launch of “Amotekun” in the south-west region is needed to complement the efforts of the “overstretched” police.”

“Nigeria has about 400,000 policemen for its almost 200 million population, and it is not unlikely that we have up to 150,000 protecting VIPs.”

“So, what are we talking about? Even if the police put in their best efforts, we will still have challenges. That is the point we are making. And that is what recommends this community policing strategy.”

“I know what happened to me in 2014 during the election. I was a sitting governor. I had immunity, but I was assaulted. Go into the history book and check it; that was federal police.”

“Any police can be mishandled. What we should be talking about is how to make sure that security institutions are more accountable within the framework of democratic control.”

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