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Eve Esin’s Husband Snatching Allegation Latest

Popular actress, Eve Esin’s husband, Chijioke Nneji has responded to the allegation by his former wife, Uche Uganda.

He said; “Let’s go and stop crying foul, it’s been over many years since we went our separate ways. I thought you said you had a man and were moving on with your life why is that it now pains you that I’m doing the same? Why is it difficult for you to embrace reality.”

“The only connection you and I have are our children whom I will always love and take care of.”

“Yes, with regards to the messages you give your blogger friend I will tell you what you like hearing in order for you to have your audience so as to speak with my kids, you know you always use them to threaten me.”

“The Eve you are dragging does not know you from Adam, she was never your friend or associate as you insinuated, except for photos she has never even seen my kids so keep spreading lies about her forcefully taking them (I wonder when she would even have the time to do such), it will only earn you a few minutes of pity from your fellow sycopaths.”

“If you say it’s juju thanks am loving it. Move on madam trouble shooter and stop chasing clout with your blogger friend. I peace I come.”

For those who don’t know, Chijioke’s ex-wife, Uche Uganda had accused Eve Esin of snatching him from her.

Uche Uganda also alleged that her former husband and the actress were dating while they were still married.

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