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Ella Mensah Confesses

Famous actress, Ella Mensah has made shocking revelations.

She said; ““I don’t have to give my son any father figure, he already has a father and that’s it. He is not lacking anything. However, before I can accept to go out with any man, he has to look and smell good. Secondly, the man must be well-to-do.”

“I don’t date poor men. My past relationship taught me not to trust men easily. It taught me that not all men are the same. I have also learned that some men are pure evil who just come into your life to ruin you.”

“In addition, I learned that it is important that I love with my head before my heart! My dear, it’s better to cry in a Bentley than to be happy inside a public bus.”

“I think being endowed as a woman shouldn’t be an advantage to anything. My brains are my advantages. My brain takes me to places my body will not. So, I cope effortlessly being a celebrity single mother.”

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