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Edi Okri Attacks Pretty Okafor

Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) president, Pretty Okafor has been lambasted by a fellow musician, Edi Kriz Okri.

He took to his Facebook page and wrote; “Pretty are you not ashamed of yourself, my guy so are you going to be using fake court rulings to run PMAN and how long you want to go with destroying the beautiful association we started and branded before you came into the music industry.”

“Shame to you and you are lucky I don’t reside in Nigeria and I will drag you and all your fake judges to jail, PMAN is not your personal business and it belongs to thousands of musicians nationwide and you people are doing this cunning nonsense to hold on to power and I tell you when the time comes you will cough out all you have used PMAN to collect over the years, listen, step down and step off now before it’s too late for you.”

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