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DJ Cuppy Attacked

Billionaire businessman, Mike Otedola’s celebrity daughter, DJ Cuppy (Florence Otedola) is in big trouble following her recent tweet where she tweeted; “Today, we experience the joy and pride of being called NIGERIANS! The greatest nation.” 


The tweet has attracted multiple criticism, as some Nigerians are not very pleased with her post. Reacting quickly to her tweet is one Wole with the twitter handle @kingwole, he wrote; “I’ll say this real quick, calling Nigeria “the greatest nation”, especially when you’re in the 0.5% mega privileged bracket, is an insult to every Nigerian who has to suffer every single day because of the REAL and unnecessary challenges they face.”

Surprisingly, others have responded on the thread, lashing out at the rich girl; “This is not cyberbullying. Saying Nigeria is a great nation especially in the period of untold hardship is a fallacy. That statement either showed how naive and disconnected she is of/from the Nigerian reality. King Wole pointed out that clearly and logically.”

“This tweet is a very foolish one. And you should apologize. We have suffered for the lives we live today, but do not begrudge those who have fared better. She is a Nigerian and she can speak her truth.”

“Her tweet is very insensitive, considering her status in the country. To whom much is given much is expected. She has fans, from the lowest points of life who experience the real naija. Empathy should have been a factor for an independence day tweet.”

“I think I understand where that King Wole is coming from…he expects people which some sort of influence to speak about how bad the country has become for the poor….and not sugarcoat things…”

“Truth is, when I saw her tweet on my timeline, I shook my head n hissed. Nigeria is not the greatest, Nigeria is hell but I won’t argue with DJ Cuppy as she has a right to her opinion.”

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