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Buratai Drops Bombshell

Former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai has dropped a bombshell.

He said: “There must be concerted efforts that there are no ungoverned spaces in the land.”

“State and local governments should establish their presence in their areas of responsibility.”

“Negotiation and dialogue are integrated approaches that can end insecurity by involving traditional and religious leaders, media, security and intelligence agencies.”

“I align with the approach being promoted by a revered Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi.”

“This is where I commend Sheikh Gumi for his initiative. One-third of the fight is military, others should be non-kinetic, through dialogue. We must get this solution and this is the right time to get it done.”

“I am suggesting for revitalisation of the Defense Industries Corporation of Nigeria, better welfare and equipment for police, as well as the establishment of a national border force like is done in other parts of the world.”

“I advise the Office of the National Security Adviser to collaborate and employ all means to block off supplies to terrorists.”

“The issue of the carrot and stick approach can be used to explore ways to end some of the conflicts confronting Nigeria.”

– Source: Punchng

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