Build Worlds With Minecraft: Pocket Edition For Windows Phone 8.1

Minecraft is a cultural phenomenon, with more than 100 million players across the world. Now, it comes to Windows Phone 8.1, giving Windows Phone users the ability to play one of the world’s most popular games while on the move.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows Phone 8.1 includes all of Minecraft’s mobile features, including the tense action of Survival mode, the limitless exploration of Creative mode, and multiplayer fun over local WiFi networks. This release includes infinite worlds, with the new biomes, caves, mobs, villages and more that players love.

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Minecraft is available today across the world as a $6.99 download in the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phones running 8.1. Players can play block-by-block building adventures with two modes from the full Minecraft game – Survival mode and Creative mode. With Survival mode, players must find the resources to build their world. And with Creative mode, they have unlimited resources and the ability to fly. On a local Wi-Fi network, players can even have some multiplayer fun and team up with friends to build new worlds together and fight nocturnal monsters.

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