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Buhari Blows Hot

President Muhammadu Buhari is very angry and has dared any one with proof of corrupt activities involving his wife, Aisha to boldly come out and spill it.

The president made the challenge, speaking on a world television channel…

“Nigerians with allegations against my wife and son being involved in corrupt acts should publish it with proof. It is unfair allegations that I am protecting some corrupt persons in my government while those in the opposition are being hounded.”

“On the allegations against my family, it is a very unfair allegation against my integrity. Anyway, journalists are in a position to find out and if you do so, I don’t care.”

“Publish it, even if my son or my wife has a company and they are involved in deals with Customs and so on, bringing in illegal goods or whatever, I challenge Nigerians to do that.”

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