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Bode George Laments

Elder statesman and prominent Lagosian, Chief Olabode George is very bitter and he is now lamenting…

“In Lagos State, some people set up companies that are collecting the internally generated revenue. We have one called Alpha Beta company which is still collecting money on behalf of my state where the minimum generated on monthly basis is almost N50 billion. That goes into somebody’s personal account.”

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“Imagine a scenario where the total amount of the internally generated revenue of Lagos State is N50 billion. Now, that person collects between 10 per cent and 12 per cent of that money every 30 days. Just imagine that. Sitting in his house and doing nothing, he gets N5 billion every 30 days. So, he has a stupendous amount of money to throw around.”

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“Just calculate the amount of interest the banks will be paying on daily basis, then at the end of the month, he collects 10 to 12 per cent of that money as his own fees. There is no corruption there?”

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