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Bianca Ojukwu’s Secrets Revealed

Biafra leader, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu’s wife, Bianca shocking secrets have been revealed by her husband’s son, Emeka Ojukwu Jr…   

“Has anybody asked the Ojukwu household whether we believe in her to represent us? This is a woman we don’t interact with. She doesn’t talk to us. The relevant issues that should be raised should be around her competence for office and her character, her values, and her moral fortitude among others.”

“People should look at the woman they have come to know and decide for themselves. For us, our focus is reclaiming what belongs to Ojukwu Transport Limited. It is no surprise that one would not support someone that is fighting him or his family. Bianca, after the funeral of the late Dim Ojukwu, took the family and Ojukwu Transport Limited to court.”

“Ojukwu Transport is a company founded by my grandfather, Sir Odumegwu Ojukwu. Majority of his property is vested in the company. There are seven directors including myself. I took over my father’s seat on the board. Bianca decided to sit on the company’s property after Dim died and in some cases collects rent in advance.”

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“We are still hopeful that the police will take the necessary steps to make sure she comes and responds to questions over our allegations. There are alleged fake documents and signatures that purport to be for somebody but they cannot be accounted for unfortunately. How some of these monies were used to purchase properties abroad have to be investigated.”

“If someone uses money gained illegally and transfers it abroad, it is called money laundering. There are quite serious issues that are pending. Her agent, who stated in his statement that he was taking instructions from her, was arrested and we are quite hopeful that the police invitation to her will be honoured. We are hopeful that their summons to address some of these pertinent issues will shed the necessary light on the alleged misappropriation.”

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“Intimidating us all, these cases are in a public domain for people to see. She took us to court; so she is apparently the one trying to intimidate members of Ojukwu family and not the other way round.”

“Bianca’s reason for fighting the family over the property belonging to our grandfather and father is nothing other than greed. The wife of Sir Odumegwu is still alive and has two adult surviving sons. How can she justify what she is doing? I don’t know what else to adduce as the reason for her attitude. Perhaps, it is greed.”

“All the property are under the care of Ojukwu Transport. And what happens to them is determined by the Board of Directors and not by any individual.

“On the issue of Ojukwu’s will, there was a codicil to the will that was allegedly written to change some of the things that were in the original will. She claims that she was given my father’s seat on the board. As I mentioned earlier, I am the one who took over that seat.”

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“My father knew that as a director of Ojukwu Transport, he cannot bequeath his director’s seat to anybody. It is the Board of Directors that will sit and deliberate to decide who they want to make a director which was what happened. And that was how I became a director.”

“Which family in the world, if it believed such injustices were being perpetrated against its members, would sit quietly? Which family would remain mute? Which family, if it held all of the above to be true, would propose or support the perceived protagonist of their travails for public office?”

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