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Aisha Buhari Attacked

President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari has been attacked by Nigerians on social media.

This is following the arrest and detention of Aminu Adamu, a student of the Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State over his comment on Aisha’s weight

Adamu in his tweet in June 2022, said:

“Su mama anchi kudin talkawa ankoshi” meaning “The mother has got fatter by eating masses’ money.”

Reacting to his detention by the DSS, Nigerians took to Twitter and lambasted Aisha Buhari.

See their reactions below…

@SadiqMaunde: “They arrested Aminu for trolling Aisha Buhari, now thousands of Aminus emerged on Twitter. Nigerians are really uniting against their oppressors, may we carry the same anger to the polls.”

@AishaYesufu: “Who is Aisha Buhari that an aggrieved citizen cannot talk about? Those of you talking about her so called powers need to ask yourselves whether you are citizens or slaves.”

@Oluomoofderby: “Aisha Buhari can use the DSS to arrest someone who insulted her but the DSS can’t arrest the people who stoned and burnt Deborah Samuel to death. Deborah’s killers are walking free in Sokoto state. Nigeria is a lawless country.”

@firstladyship: “Aisha Buhari did not spare Aminu because he is Arewa, she sent the DSS to arrest him. What we are fighting against are the old guards who are united. 2023 is a class war between the political class & ordinary Nigerians.”

Inibehe Effiong, a legal practitioner said:

“It is petty, ridiculous and unconstitutional for the DSS to hold a citizen for “mockery”.”

“Nigeria is not Iran, North Korea or China, that reckless abuse of power will not be tolerated. Mrs Aisha Buhari should have taken Muhammed to court for libel if she felt defamed.”

“Using the secret police to detain a youth is another evidence of the culture of crass impunity that pervades the Buhari regime.”

“It is not acceptable to deploy state apparatus in such a draconian and oppressive manner the way Mrs. Aisha Buhari has done to settle personal scores. The DSS has no jurisdiction in this case.”

David Hundeyin quoted a 2013 tweet by the APC United Kingdom…

“Death notice (2) Survived by GEJ (Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan), Shepopotamus (Alleged reference to Patience Jonathan)… Funeral to be held at Aso Rock. No sycophants or flowers please.”

Hundeyin wrote: “The sky did not fall down. So please entirely miss me with anything you have to say. Aisha Buhari’s bullying has not even started.”

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