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Afe Babalola Confesses

Eminent lawyer and founder of Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Afe Babalola has made a shocking confession.

He said; “I turned ministerial appointments down for two reasons. One, I cannot work with the present type of civil servants in this country.”

“The civil servants are the problems in this country. None of them can work the way I work. I will create instant enemies if I had accepted to be a minister.”

“The second reason is that my clients are so many. They protested and felt I would be disappointing them if I accepted to be a minister.”

“Nigeria is a difficult county but I hope that things can be better. University of Ibadan has trained well over 300,000 people, including billionaires, yet the university can not boast of N5billion in endowment”.

“Great universities in the world today depend not only on tuition fees but mostly on endowments and donations.”

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