About Us

Top Celebrities Magazine is of prime celebrities stories and general interest issues. Since the magazine hit the newsstand in 2008 it has created a nationwide impact in terms of news, reach, patronage and acceptability among our teeming readers and advertisers. Our team of editors, writers and reporters are seasoned media practitioners with wide network of contacts among eminent personalities in the country. Top Celebrities Magazine is on the newsstand in all the major cities in Nigeria.  

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We also organize different events yearly such as:

  • Top Celebrities Achievers Awards: This is an award meant to encourage Nigerians in all walks of life to excel in categories ranging from telecommunications, businesses, entertainment, banking sector, security agencies, government agencies, media firms and so on  
  • Top Celebrities Magazine Honours Outstanding CEOs: This is a recognition of CEOs that have excelled in different organizations. 
  • Top Celebrities Female Achievers Awards: This award was created basically to honour women that have contributed positively to the growth and development of the society. 
  • Top Celebrities Brands Awards: The event is meant to recognize Top Brands, products and their performance in the market and their quality services to consumers 
  • Top Celebrities Political Achievers Awards: It is a recognition of politicians and their contributions to democracy, social and economic development of our great country. 
  • Top Celebrities Magazine Celebrates Outstanding Entrepreneurs: It is an event meant to honour and celebrate outstanding entrepreneurs that have contributed tremendously to the development of Nigeria.