Osoba Opens Up On APC Crisis

CHIEF OLUSEGUN OSOBA (1)Former governor of Ogun State and APC Chieftain in the state, Aremu Olusegun Osoba has said that he can never be intimidated by any element in the state. Speaking at the 80th birthday of Awujale, the former governor further revealed that he is one of the pioneers of APC while the party was still known as AD, so for that singular reason, he will ever be relevant in the politics of APC in Ogun State. Read more in this interview.  

Awujale at 80, what do you have to say about him?

I will start by thanking God on behalf of the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona for the opportunity given to him to see his 80th year. I know God will also spare his life to see 90th year and I believe his agitation for the creation of Ijebu State will come to be in his life time. I wish him many happy returns but beyond that, I will say I am one of his confidants. Baba has been a driving force to the various successes we see in Ijebuland and in the whole of Ogun State. He was there when I served as the governor of the state and I know his various contributions to the survival of the state then, so Baba is an enigma of change to the state. I pray that God will give him more years for us.

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Awujale confessed that he never wanted you to become the state governor then but you found your way to win the election, he apologized indirectly; what is your take on this?

Well, what baba said was true but then he had a very good reason for making such statement. I think there was an agreement of power sharing then but you know how God works but then I never let that affect my relationship with him. I even became closer to him after I had left government, I am always around him anytime any day.

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Without mincing words, there is little crack in APC in Ogun State, can you tell us your own part of the story in the whole saga?

Well, to the best of my knowledge, there is one APC in Ogun State and you know in APC we are one family because where we are coming from is far. We started as a family from AD which metamorphosed to ACN and now APC. So you can see that the journey is far but for the interest of the party, we remain loyal and committed. I believe the more we are not getting ourselves righAt, there can’t be peace. I will also say that nobody can intimidate me, Aremu Olusegun Osoba is a force to reckon with in the party. I am an elder statesman in the state, recognized by the national executives of APC and the state executives. So, nobody can tarnish my reputation as the person behind the crisis in the state.

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We cannot understand the language you are using, did anybody accuse you of causing the crisis in Ogun State?

Nobody can accuse me of what I did not do, APC has a mandate and the mandate is change. We also have a manifesto that guides all our activities, if you stand to work against that manifesto, you are not a party faithful. I think that is what happened during the state congress of APC in Ogun State.