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Juliet Ibrahim’s Secret Revealed

Famous actress, Juliet Ibrahim has been exposed. Wale Jana, CEO of Sapphire Groups revealed that she came to his office to “kiss ass” begging for an endorsement deal.

However, the screen diva has reacted to the Sapphire Groups boss’s claim.

She said; “What happened was, I was in Abuja at a picnic that Delphino entertainment organized. So, at the picnic, Delphino introduced me to this guy. We met and he was like, ‘oh, ok. I’ll love to meet with you. I have something coming up in Ghana. I’m bringing my products there…”

“I went the next day. I was with my brother, my PAs…. and a friend. We went to eat at the mall…While we were there, I told my PA, ‘since we’re in the mall and this guy claims his office is here call him then we’ll meet him once and for all’.”

“We got there and he called that we should come up. I thought it was like an office. I didn’t know it was like a store. When we got there, I saw paparazzi waiting for me. Cameras, cameras, cameras. His guys are recording and everything.”

“He didn’t inform us on phone first of all. But I’m usually a nice person and I don’t know where it’s leading to, ’cause if he wants to talk business with me, sign me as an ambassador, whatever. I can never tell what the meeting is about but he wanted me to come over and discuss something.”

“I realized the guys were still recording, and I was like, ‘are we on live?’ because I was saying things that if I’m on a live video I’ll have to be careful about.”

“He now said, ‘yes it’s a live video’ and I was like, ‘wow’ and I showed my PA a sign like, ‘I didn’t know I’m on live and you should have asked’ because I wasn’t prepared for a live video. Nobody informed me.”

“Then, in the midst of the conversation, he talked about coming to Ghana; that he wants to bring his brand to Ghana and he has something else he wants to do in another Francophone country. And I was like, ‘Are you aware I speak French?'”

“That was it. We did not discuss he wants to sign me, or I didn’t ask him ‘please sign me.’ It was on the live feed on Instagram.”

“He posted it on his live Instagram page and he posted a picture of me. I didn’t post a picture of him so who was famzing who?”

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