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I’m Not A Ritualist – Oduduwa University Founder

Oduduwa University Founder and Owner of Hilton Hotel and Resort, Ile-Ife, Dr. Rahmon Adedoyin has opened up about the student that died in his hotel.

He said; “I, Rahmon Adedoyin is not a murderer or money ritualist. God already blessed and enriched me since I was 26 years old and up till now that I am 65 years old.”

“I have never killed anyone. I am a devout Muslim. Adegoke lodged at Hilton Hotel, Room 305. The hotel officials that lodged him did not pay any money in his name into the hotel’s account.”

“There was also no record that he paid into the hotel’s WEMA Bank account. I don’t know how he was given a room without making payment into the official account of the company. I don’t know why they decided to receive the payment into their personal account.”

“I was only informed that something like that happened at the Hilton Hotel when police started searching for Timothy.”

“When they (police) investigated and found where Timothy’s corpse was dumped, senior police officers checked his body and confirmed that no part of his body was missing, so it is clear that no one asked them to get any of his body parts.”

“I appeal to everyone to be patient and allow police to do their work and thorough investigation.”

“I had my humble beginning from Ile-Ife. I started as a home lesson teacher, started universal college of tech, a polytechnic and then university.”

“I never left Ile-Ife before God blessed me and made me rich. My wealth is pure. I am not spending blood money.”

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