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Ifu Ennada Drops Bombshell

Famous actress, Ifu Ennada has dropped a bombshell as she speaks on girls and Valentine’s Day.

She said; “Girls & Valentine’s Day… Dear Girl… start saving money to buy him a Valentine’s Day Gift. Dem no forbid you to do for am too. Pls leave Boxers & Singlets alone this year – except they’re Designers.”

“Things that are not Valentine’s Day Gift. 1. Sex: Yeah, Sex… Instead of plotting how to give him “Mad Sex” in exchange for Bone Straight money, surprise him in a good way please.”

“PS: No go run into debt because you wan surprise man o. Na only you one dem go drag for Instagram & Twitter. My Leg, my hand no dey am.”

“Valentine’s Day Gift: What Men Want? If I could figure this out, my Ex wouldn’t have married the girl he told me was his distant cousin.”

But, seriously speaking, just identify what your man likes and see what you can “comfortably” afford. Doesn’t have to be expensive, so long as no be “Boxers & Singlets from that year.”

“PS: I have gotten over my Ex cos some of Ya’ll might think I haven’t. These days when I remember him, I just laugh. I wish I can tag is A$$ so that some of you will help me drag him. God is good. Praise the Lord, hallelujah!”

“One Last Thing… Everything I’ve been writing about only applies to “awesome boyfriend”, not “Lying Ass Cheating Bastards.” If you’re dating a useless man, pls dump him before Valentine’s Day, then hit us up, we go arrange boy friend for you.”

“More Last Thing. Everything I’ve written so far only applies to people that are not jobless, abeg o. If you’re jobless, leave relationship alone go find work!”

“Broke people shouldn’t date because both “relationship and being broke” are time and energy consuming.”

“You need your head in the right space, so choose your financial stability first before chasing Prick.”

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