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Defence Minister, Bashir Magashi Drops Bombshell

Minister of Defence, Major General Bashir Magashi (retd.) has commended the new Chief Of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Farouk Yahaya.

He said: “I think like every other chief, his mandate is to end banditry, kidnapping and the Boko Haram issue and right form his assumption to date, there is a lot of improvement in the way we have been fighting this war.”

“The planning is thorough and the activities are going according to operational plans and I am sure with that kind of arrangement, we will get out of the insurgency problem.”

“If you commit an offence, you will be arrested, tried and if you are guilty you will be punished. But for anybody picking arms against a soldier, you know what that means and we will also treat him according to the law.”

“I don’t think there is anything wrong in getting rid of an enemy if he also wants to get rid of you and that is what the pPresident is saying; you cannot own a weapon illegally and be allowed to stay alive because that weapon can be used against you.”

“We will take on anybody who is carrying arms. Nigeria will not allow that to continue to happen. That is our message.”

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