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Chioma Toplis Confesses

Nollywood star, Chioma Toplis has made a shocking confession.

She said; “I do play sexy roles in movies to an extent. I cannot do complete nude if that is what you are asking. I could have done that when I was a younger actress if the price was right. But now? No way!”

“I don’t know about breakthrough, but I can remember vividly when I became a household name in the movie industry. It was my very first movie in Nollywood titled “The Stolen Bible” in 2004.”

“What I find most challenging in a movie role is kissing. It may sound funny, but that is the simple truth because I don’t like kissing in real life.”

“So, when I get kissing roles, I find it difficult to do because acting is all about make believe. I am most challenged when I had to kiss. Some people may say it is easy, but for me it is a tough assignment.”

– Source: The Sun

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