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Actress Lizzy Gold’s Shocking Confession

Popular actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje has made a shocking confession.

She said; “I am not married. It’s not because I don’t want to get married or that I don’t like marriage, but for now, I don’t feel like getting married. I feel that I am not mentally ready for it.”

“A lot of people rush into marriage and rush out. I want to go into marriage and be able to stay, but right now I don’t think I am mentally ready for that.”

“Secondly, I love my space a lot. I still want to enjoy my space alone. Maybe when I’m in my late 30s or early 40s, I can think of getting married. For now, marriage is not on my mind.”

“Thirdly, my two kids are for one man, and we are co-parenting. He is taking care of his lovely kids very well. He really wants to get married to me but I am the one delaying, because like I said, I am not mentally ready. He is the best man that can happen to any woman; trust me.”

“I don’t like men with bad breath. I don’t like men that bully women; that beat women. I don’t like lazy men. I like hardworking men. You should be able to bring something to the table financially.”

“I don’t like broke, lazy men. I don’t like dirty men. I like men that respect women. I don’t like it when you can’t control your anger. Men that talk too much are a no-no for me. I like them calm. I don’t like men that nag.”

“I love men with fresh breath, that’s a huge turn on for me. I like men that control their temperament. I like them playful because I play a lot. I like very hardworking men. I like dark men; I’m not a fan of fair guys.”

“Broad chest and height don’t matter as long as you are dark, huge and cute. I like men that are perfumery scented. I like men that use fragrances because I use perfumes a lot too. I also love God-fearing men.”

– Source: The Sun

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