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Actor Onny Michael Exposed

Nollywood actress, Ifunanya Igwe has exposed her colleague, Onny Michael.

Ifunaya said: “So something happened at an event two weeks ago which was very ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.”

“Someone I considered a friend and colleague whom I had zero beef with intended to humiliate me but the table turned against him instead.”

“For the sake of the people that I respect so much in the industry and the people we went to their event, I’ll avoid going into details but @onnymichael stay off my lane! I’m asking nicely because next time, it won’t be funny.”

“Everyone can concur to the fact that I’ve always been on my lane, I have mutual respect for everyone and I’d like it to continue that way but I have zero tolerance for snitches and people who thinks they’re better off than everyone else.”

“I got your message the last time (the nasty things you said about me) and I wanted to give a call but I figured you don’t worth my time and energy so I save it till you decided to f**k up again.”

“You’re such a sn*tch and judgemental human being that even the people that considers themselves your friends aren’t left out of your wrath.”

“You go on set to work and play with your female colleagues but call them useless and cheap once they turn their backs. Coming from a man like you, I wonder how your wife does cope.”

“Before ever opening your mouth to judge or trash talk another person, you should consider acting like a married man and stop going around the whole place sleeping with everything on skirt.”

“That way, you’ll be making sure you got no single stain on you while castigating others.”

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