A Night Of International Billboards

DSC_0375This particular evening is one we all would not forget in a hurry as it featured an exceptional blend of emotions. The evening started on a very happy note with the contestants’ group performance of Pharell Williams’ ‘Happy’.  The audiences were also especially thrilled to hear that Banky W, one of the A-list Nigerian artistes was in the house as a guest judge and would also be performing.

The contestants performed some songs that made it to the much acclaimed International Billboard. One thing was evident in the performances, the contestants have realized that the competition has become survival of the fittest and they did bring on the fighting spirit to bear as they battle for survival.

One of the most touching performances ever witnessed on Project Fame that left majority of the ladies with tears in their eyes and made the gentlemen ‘swallow hard’ came from Clement. The depth of emotion he brought into his performance of ‘When Am Back on My Feet Again’ was truly stirring; especially with the fact that he has been struggling with temporary walking disability in the past weeks, his performance carried everyone on the wings of emotions to his battlefield.

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Banky W’s performance did a terrific job of dispelling the heavy atmosphere; the audience could not remain in their seats as he effortlessly did what he knows how to do best; singing his YES/NO and Lagos Party.

Before Mr Capable’s spectacular performance, the judges announced Ruky, Daniella, Flourish, Emeka, Clement and Geoffrey as the top best performers for the night.

While we hope the contestants will put to good use Banky W’s wise words; ‘hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’; so as they work hard to impress you, keep voting for your favourite contestant till he/she is crowned winner.

For the contestants, it was another week full of various activities like morning drills, lectures, rehearsals and it can also be tagged the most emotional week as it featured several emotion-laden moments.

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But in it all, after earnestly seeking votes on air during their meet and greet session and of course from their online fan base, the weekend came and it was time for another set of contestants to leave the Academy.

The show kicked off on a good note with the parade of all the contestants in their ‘Lagbaja’ costume. They came all out dazzling the audience with their Afro-pop performance of Lagbaja’s all-time best hits and this of course got the excited audience grooving along.

Roy (Season 4 runner-up) is another proof that Project Fame does not only support the winners but serves as a good platform for all who pass through it. He stepped on stage again to entertain everyone with one of his new singles -‘Omalicha’ which is currently enjoying massive airplay.

It was then time for the contestants with the least number of votes; Taiwo, Oge, Christian, and Debby to contend earnestly for their stay in the competition.

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Christian again wowed everyone including the Judges and they got to save him for the second time in a row. Faculty on the other hand saved Debbie and Taiwo who hasn’t been on probation before got a second chance into the Academy via the contestants’ votes.

This sadly brought tenacious Laami who was the first Academy captain and pretty Oge’s quest in the competition to an end.

Nom5Although, saying goodbye hurts badly, they couldn’t help but appreciate with smiles and a strange sense of contentment the enormous input of the faculty and judges in their lives and promised to put all they have learnt to work.